Nikolay® page

Dear Customer,

I, Nikolay Grishko, am pleased to inform that my ballet products will now be sold in the United States under a new brand name.

Our products have always been the first name in ballet. Now I introduce to you… my first name… in ballet:

No other entity has distribution rights for the United States of America but the Nikolay® brand for all products from the NIKOLAY® factories.

The pointe shoes will bear the mark “Nikolay®” on the outsole. Our highly skilled cobblers and quality control specialists will continue to ensure the highest of quality confirmed by the handwritten codes under the binding. We will offer only authentic products from the same factories your customers have trusted for over 30 years. We will also be offering an extended range of the dancewear products we sell worldwide.

The Nikolay® products will be made on the same lasts and will feature the same sizing, fit, colors and all other product characteristics that the U.S. market is accustomed to receiving from our factory. With the exception of the bestselling model that will now be sold under the model name 3007™, the Nikolay® products will feature the same model names – i.e., Pro Flex, Smart Pointe, Nova, Nova Flex, Maya I, Exam, Triumph, Elite, Miracle, Fouette, Alice, etc. - and distinctive diamond and honeycomb sole patterns. Improvement of technology leads to model name 3007™ and reflects the new generation of bestselling for more than 20 years pointe shoe with improved performance on existing features.

You will find that our Nikolay® products have the same high quality products that you expect from our gifted cobblers and some improvements that result in an easier roll through and feature an anti-slip suede heel among others.

We thank you for your loyalty and patience.