In September 2019, the founder and President of NIKOLAY® presented a new brand name for the famous Nova, Nova Flex, Dream Pointe 2007, Miracle, etc. exclusively for the American market - NIKOLAY®.

     The company was started in 1988 GFand now it is one of world's leading manufacturers of footwear, apparel, accessories, etc in the dance market.

    With the world-renowned last name for over 30 years, a strategic decision taken in 2019 of introducing the new brand and presenting his first name to the American customers. The decision was caused by the litigations with an ex-distributor and licensee in the USA.  It was the only way to allow US customers to stay clear of the litigations and avoid any issues or confusion related to the dispute, as well as guarantee consistent delivery of high quality products and offer access to the extended range of NIKOLAY® made products including those not available to the US market before.

     The NIKOLAY® products are made at the same factories, on the same lasts, by the same skilled workers and feature the same sizing, fit, colors and all other product characteristics that the US market was accustomed to receiving from our factory. With the exception of the bestselling model that will now be sold under the model name 3007™, all other Nikolay® products will feature the same model names – i.e., Pro Flex, Smart Pointe, Nova, Nova Flex, Maya I, Exam, Triumph, Elite, Miracle, Fouetté, Alice, etc. - with distinctive diamond and honeycomb out-sole patterns.

     Improvement of technology lead to the new model 3007™ and reflects a new generation of the bestselling pointe shoe for over 20 years with improved performance on existing features.