General Terms and Conditions
All customers are required to complete all the nessesary paperwork and meet minimums:

New business to business account form Credit card authorization form All accounts must attach proof of business materials
$4.500.00 Minimum opening order with the NIKOLAY® brand is $4500.00
How to place an order
B2B: E-mail: Tel: 1-800-987-6715
Custom orders
To place a custom order please e-mail Custom ordered items may not be cancelled or returned at any time.
All payments are now made with our omni system. Invoices will be emailed to you at time of shipping. To pay, please follow steps below:
STEP 1 Look for your shipping email STEP 2 follow the link STEP 3 Enter payment STEP 4 Please enter your address and process
We would greatly appreciate your payments on time. And to help us save on costs of processing payments, please use PAY WITH BANK when possible. Our payment system will ask you for your routing and account number only, this is the most secure form of payment.
Early pay discount
2% Discount on early payment. All orders that are placed only on the B2B and paid within 48
hours of shipping, qualify for a 2% extra discount.
Discounts and specials
Discounts, special offers and spe cial pr icing is only availab le throu gh B2B, and your US sales agents.
Net terms
To qualify for net terms your account must be active and in good standing and have a purchase history with a minimum of $4500.00
Net terms customers must complete a net terms application. Date of invoice is the start date of net terms.
All payments on net terms must be made on time. Failure to make payment on time will result in late payment fees and shipment suspension.
Late payments
Late payment fees 1.5% Monthly from the total of your shipment including shipping charges
Lack of payment after 90 days Customers that fail to pay within 90 days from the payment due date
of invoice will be sent to collections
All collection agency fees (25%) must be paid by customer. Backorders and any open orders will be cancelled, no new order will be accepted.
Accounts with more than 2 late payments per fiscal year are considered “not in good standing” and will be moved to pre-paid terms only for minimum of 12 months.
No other entity has distribution rights to NIKOLAY®, or any other product made by NIKOLAY® in the United States.
Inactive accounts
NIKOLAY® brand considers accounts with less than $2000 sales per fiscal year inactive, and such accounts will be subject to the minimum opening order amount to re-activate the account. Such accounts are not eligible for trerritory protection
Contracts and amendments
Due to international trade laws, NIKOLAY® brand may require its customers to sign waivers, contracts or amendments. All active accounts must comply.
NIKOLAY® brand will provide photographs for online, social media, business websites etc. at request.
No adjustment to images is permited without written consent.
Changes to policies
NIKOLAY® brand reserves the right to make changes to this policy at any time and without prior notice.
Join our mailing list
To join our mailing list to receive new product information, specials and news. Text NIKOLAY to 22828
NIKOLAY® shipping table
Order amount Shipping rate Under minimum surcharge
$1-200 $50.00 $15.00
$201-400 $60.00 -
$401-600 $65.00 -
$601-700 $70.00 -
$700+ FREE -
NIKOLAY® brand products are subject to a minimum purchase amount of $200 per order.
A surcharge of $15 will be assesed to all orders under the $200 mark.
All international duties and taxes are paid by NIKOLAY® brand.
Orders will ship from our warehouse or Prague facilities with UPS Air. (3-5 business days delivery)

Backordered items are subject to separate shipping charges, but not subject to under minimum purchase surcharge.
All backorders will be granted free shipping over $400. Backorders will be consolidated with all other orders.
Out-of-stock items Estimated manufacturing time Estimated delivery
Footwear 2 Weeks Ships by week 3
Garments 2 Weeks Ships by week 3
Bags 2 Weeks Ships by week 3
Custom orders
Pointe Shoes add $10 to wholesale cost / 2 Weeks All custom pointe shoes are produced in 14 days
Ballet Shoes add $6 to wholesale cost / 2 Weeks All custom ballet shoes are produced in 14 days
Bags (Custom print logo) add $10 to wholesale cost / 3 Weeks NA
Garments add $2.5 per garment / 3 Weeks NA
No returns will be accepted without prior return authorization from the NIKOLAY® brand. Returned merchandise will be inspected by the return department. Any evidence of excessive wear or misuse of product will be deemed as wear and tear and return will be denied. All returned merchandise must be shipped in its original packaging. If return is accepted, no refunds will be issued. NIKOLAY® brand enacts a “Store Credit Only” policy.
DEFECTS We stand by the quality of our product. In the event of a defect, customer must contact with detailed description of the defect and detailed photographs. All Return Authorizations are null and void if not shipped back within 10 business days from receipt of authorization.
INCORRECT ITEMS DELIVERED In the event of an incorrect items shipped, NIKOLAY® brand will re-ship correct product free of charge.
UNSOLD ITEMS NIKOLAY® brand is not responsible for unsold items. No returns or exchange of product will be authorized.
Requested samples
Customers may request samples of items that they have not seen in person. This request may be made with the National Sales Manager at In the event of no purchase made on the sampled product within 45 days, all items must be returned.
Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) Policy
10% To better protect our customer’s margins and to strengthen the NIKOLAY® brand pricing, we have enstated a Minimum Advertized Price policy.
No reseller of NIKOLAY® brand products shall advertise on any social media platforms: E-mail, Facebook, Instagram etc. nor promote discounts greater than 10% of MSRP (Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price).
In the event of NIKOLAY® brand lifting the MAP policy on certain items, information will be clearly posted on
*Any extra discount promotions must be approved by the NIKOLAY® brand in written form.
**In-cart or hidden discounts under login or extra promotional codes must be approved in writing.
Third party re-selling
NIKOLAY® brand products may not be sold through third parties (without written permission and contract)
including but not limited to Amazon, Walmart, Etsy, Ebay, etc.
Re-selliing or transfering inventory from one retailer to another is strictly prohibited.
General territory protection
5 MILES Radius for accounts in good standing and minimum purchases of $4500 per fiscal year.
10 MILES Radius for accounts in good standing and minimum purchases of $10000 per fiscal year
15 MILES Radius for accounts in good standing and minimum purchases of $15000 per fiscal year.
EXCEPTIONS Radius for accounts in good standing and minimum purchases of $4500 per fiscal year.
*Territory exclusivity can be applied to NEW accounts that are trying to open in your area, existing accounts may continue to operate.
(Purchases must include minimum of 5 categories of NIKOLAY® brand offering).
Categories available: Pointe shoes, Pre-Pointe, Ballet Shoes, Accessories, Fashion Garments, Basic or Academy garments, Warm-ups, Tights.