Black Label II

The second edition of the Black Label collection is dedicated to the genius of Michael Vrubel. His art is magical but exact, impressive, and breathtakingly. His talent is enormous therefore his art can’t be described in one word or stay within the boundaries of one certain style. Being the representative of the Art Noveau period, Michael Vrubel has his own way of expressing his talent, creating a world, full of color, feeling, and expression. This period of art is an endless source of inspiration for our team we are impressed by the natural, strong, and interesting lines, beautifying the woman, the dancer, the Ballerina. It’s our aim to make garments both beautiful and comfortable, so we’re using the best existing Italian fabrics to create our leotards.

The print of this collection is not symmetrical, as it is common for Nikolay style, and it makes the Black label edition so desirable. We created only 4 styles for this tender and expressive pattern and limiting our production to 800 pieces only. Each garment is packaged in a mesh bag, which can be used as a delicates, cosmetic or accessories bag. This simple, but sophisticated mesh bag already became an item, desired by dancers all over the world.